Our suggested approach

However, we also recognize that schools often have time and space restraints, and so we offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to fit your needs.
Our evidence suggests that our three part, scaffolded approach dramatically increases text comprehension. In this approach, we visit your school, and during the course of the day, we present:

          a pre-show workshop 

          a standard, 1 hour production

          a 1 hour immersive production

          a talk-back session

We are willing to work with a variety of budgets and time frames. To request a quote, or further information about scheduling, please contact us!

One immersive production, with or without a talk-back session or pre-show workshop.

​One standard production, with or without a talk-back session or pre-show workshop
A multi-show package where Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet are shown to different grade levels. 
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Curriculum and Materials
At EMIT, we work to provide the best possible immersive classroom experience. We've created an evidence-based, scaffolding approach to our material. That's why we provide you a packet of tools to use in your classroom before we arrive, including comprehensive multi-media immersion into the classical text. This includes social media accounts for character studies, as well as curriculum guides, all of which can be tailored to your needs.
The founders of EMIT theatre are strong proponents of STEAM curriculum off and on the stage. EMIT is committed to an evidence based practice when it comes to our productions.  Currently we are researching the impact of experiential learning and immersive theatre on Shakespeare comprehension in students. Our current research has shown that 97.8% of our students leaving an immersive experience describe themselves as having a clearer knowledge of the text, as opposed to the 88.2% in our control group, who only engaged in our standard production. The research was awarded the Edward W. Sttit Memorial  Fund grant for demonstrating excellence in research in an educational field in 2016. A publication of our findings is coming soon!
EMIT's pre-show workshops aim to give students both hands-on experience and greater context with the content of our productions. Each workshop is crafted to the specific needs of the group through a theatrical lens. This includes both the educational goals of the teacher and also of the school.

Our talk-back sessions give our audiences the opportunity to speak individually with our actors and director about the experience of the play. Our talk-back sessions are focused around the goals of the educators, and help to assimilate page-to-stage understanding.