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Time of Your Life: An 80s Prom Escape Room Fundraiser
Written by Amy Crossman
An 80s prom queen seeks revenge on the rest of the student body! You and your friends will have the time of your life...until you need to escape with your life! Solve puzzles and search for clues during our whacky 80s prom themed fundraiser. The fun doesn’t end when the puzzles do--join us for our post-show party with karaoke!

Come have the time of your life during performances on October 21st and 28th!

Purchase a Prom Court ticket to gain access to our extended prom experience, fabulous 80s accessories, themed photo booth, and more!

Romeo and Juliet
In the very opening lines of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare begs the audience  to “... with patient ears attend, what here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.” EMIT’s production of Romeo and Juliet flips the opening lines on students by asking of them to not sit with “patient ears” but instead to participate in the action and help the characters sort through their toil. A play about conflicts of all kinds, EMIT’s production of Romeo and Juliet allows for students to not only ask questions of the characters, but also impact the action of the play by performing tasks that drive the story. This production is appropriate for 6th grade and up and is listed as an approved 9th grade ELA Common Core text.

Available starting in mid-April 2019 for school field trips and in-school performances, with limited public performances available.

The Legend of the Coqui
On the small island of Borinquen, the god Juracán has become upset, causing a wild storm to ravage the beautiful rainforest. El Coqui, the tiny but mighty little frog, must restore peace to the island with the help of the audience! This interactive quest is infused with Spanish language as well as traditional Puerto Rican song, dance, and mythology. Children will learn important lessons about taking care of their environment and their feelings. Sensory friendly and staged in the round, this production is a wonderful choice for children ages 5-10 and their families. Performances run August 15-18 2019.

Public Performances:
Thursday, August 15, 10:30a and 1:00p
Friday, August 16, 10:30a
Saturday, August 17, 10:30a and 1:00p
Sunday, August 18, 1:00p


En la pequeña isla de Borinquen, el dios Juracán se ha enojado, haciendo que una tormenta feroz devaste la hermosa selva tropical. La rana El Coqui, pequeña pero poderosa, debe restaurar la paz en la isla con la ayuda de la audiencia. Esta aventura interactiva incorpora la lengua española, junto con canciones, bailes y mitos tradicionales puertorriqueños. Los niños aprenderán lecciones importantes sobre cuidar el medio ambiente y sus propias emociones. Presentada en escenario circular y accesible para personas con alta sensibilidad sensorial, esta producción es una opción fantástica para niños de 5 a 10 años y sus familias.  Las actuaciones son del 15 al 18 de agosto.

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