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The Tempest - An Immersive Experience 
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The Tempest is a Shakespearean comedy that at its core reveals a story of forgiveness and family. Audiences will find themselves transported onto Prospero’s wild, whimsical, enchanted island during the course of this immersive production . Our goal is for every learner to have the opportunity to experience unique, self-driven interactions in a choose-your-own-adventure format. This experience allows the audience to engage fully with the text and characters, as well some of the darker themes that drive the story, at their own pace and in their own way.

Swear, Drink,Dance. A Contact Shakespeare Event

"Swear, Drink, Dance": A Contact Shakespeare Event
EMIT is proud to introduce a new event series called Contact Shakespeare! 

What is Contact Shakespeare? 

Contact Shakespeare takes physical theatre and improv to uniquely explore Shakespeare's work! 

Our very first event will be an exploration of Shakespeare's The Henriad facilitated by Phoebe Brooks.  Actors will improvise a performance using physical theatre, a basic outline of the text, and self selected lines. Audiences will get to have the experience of both watching the performers create something truly unique right before there eyes as well as become part of the action themselves (while drinking wine!)  

Director's Statement by Phoebe Brooks:

William Shakespeare is so well known for his magnificent use of language, we wanted to take some time to celebrate his mastery of the art storytelling. We've stripped down and consolidated the essential plots and characters in The Henriad (King Richard II, King Henry IV (Parts 1&2) and King Henry V) into one adventure-packed story. Even more exciting, we're relying on contact improvisation and our ensemble to impart this tale without rehearsal and with barely any words! Wander with us through the epic of two unlikely kings grappling with betrayal, parenthood, and bravery. 

Saturday, December 16th  from  6:30pm - 7:45pm 

Champion Studios
257 W 39TH STREET 
14th FLOOR 

How much? 

$10 ticket 

$5 suggested donation for wine.

What's Immersive Theatre?
A quick guide
Immersive Theatre is defined as theatre where the audience is placed in an active role and the fourth wall is absent. The audience members are given autonomy of movement and exploration during the performance. This enables the audience to have the perception of being physically present in fictional circumstances. Our form of immersive theatre allows the audience to make connections with the actors that reverberate throughout the rest of the play.
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Our Mission
To bring the magic of immersive theatre to anyone, anywhere.

​​We provide a variety of materials for teachers to help optimize your classroom immersive experience
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​From our Audience

"The immersive performance of Romeo and Juliet assisted my understanding of

the play because I was able to grasp the meaning of

each situation much better because there was more of a connection between the

audience and the actors."

-Ashley, age 14

"It changed my opinion on shakespeare because the book itself is boring but the

play made it alive it was extremely helpful watching the immersive play. I got to

understand the characters better and see what they were going through."

-Jeronimo, age 15 

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